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> Assistance in the Dreamfield <
offered by
KA Viodor Shiva : Crystal Wizard, Musician, Visionary, psychic Guide & Ecstatic Dance DJ

KA brings people and communities together through a wide range of skills and tools ~ to grow & dance, to fight for freedom, to HEAL & RISE & LOVE.

He lived, learned and co-created
Community in Damanhur, Beneficio, Ceu das Aguilas, Amoraleza, founded the Alpujarra Rising Community and the ARCO: Alpujarra Red de Cambio y Ofertas, and now creates a new dream with his beloved partner Sariela & their Children: O.A.S.I.S. Temple

KA is a qualified guide and psychic, initiated in:
essential Reiki, Deeksha, Egyptian Light Healing, TheTemplate Codes 1-16Krija Yoga & Tantra Kriya in the BabaJi - Sarasvati lineage, Cobra Breath, ISTA Level I+II ...
... and LIF
E ~ with 3 children.

He has the ability to see through the veils and effects of constructed realities, helps you to find blockages and heal the traumata behind it, opening your sacred vessel up to infinite BLISS, the natural state of being.

KA works on SOUL & SOURCE level with sound & SPIRIT guides, empowering MIND and transforming mindsets,
but also activating the BODY with tantric practices, ecstatic dance & martial arts such as Tai Chi & Shaolin Kung Fu.

Assisting you to unlock YOUR HIGHEST potential, to follow YOUR CALLING, LIVE and EMBODY your destiny, to share YOUR unique MEDICINE with the world.

KA studied classical Math & Physics, then Unified Physics at the Space-Energy-Research Institute, and since 2015 at the Resonance Academy, where he became a Delegate and friend of Nassim Haramein, Robert Grant, Adam Apollo & other bright minds in the RA Faculty.

He designs precise 3D Sacred Geometry Jewelry,
at:  MetatronsStargate.Earth

He is an Emissary of TheTemplate, New Earth Ambassador, Crystal guide, - Guardian & trader, and Father of 3 girls.

KA loves building Communities, holding space for Ceremonies ~ with Crystals & Sound since 2007, with plant medicines since 2009 ~ and get people to dance wildly as Ecstatic dance DJ Cosmix since 2014.

He is passionate for Life and all that heals and awakens:
Music, sacred Sexuality, divine Art (with) special healing Crystals and Sacred Geometry Jew
elry, Ecstatic Dance, workshops on the Harmonics of Space & Time, Overtoning, Sound Activation, Prayer Fires, Firewalking, Raindances.

Enter the magical Cauldron
Mystery of Love
Book your Empowerment Sessions
or a First Contact call HERE
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Feel free to contact me for any personal queries

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