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1 on 1 Healing Sessions

Healing is simply returning to Source, recalibrating our energetic systems into fine balance and harmony, and through this entering a natural state of bliss.
Healing is your own process, unfolding with your intention, willingness to change, and according to your Karma & pre-determined life path, it is not something that can be 'done' to you or for you. Thus "I can only guide you in your own healing process...
as your friend and Assistant in the Dreamfield."

Clairvoyant Readings

Beyond 'Love, Luck and Career',
I can assist you to discover or realign with your Life-path, help you to identify obstacles like fears from past life Traumata, and clear them with you - with effective techniques. Clairvoyant readings advise on all matters of life and can answer most of your personal questions - if knowing the answers would not inhibit your experience.


Crystal + Sound Healing

Taking you the furthest into your vibratory nature. ✨ Stones and Crystals are powerful Tools and reliable friends from the Mineral Consciousness. They were the first planetary beings. Growing over millions of years... they are timeless...

keeping the Memory of Ages.










From many years of experience we can say, that Crystals are an incredible tool to gain more clarity in all walks of life, and they are reliable assistants holding specific, harmonic frequency sets, for us to re-tune & align ourselves with Earth.


Tantric Breathwork

The Seven Chakras are the energy centers  that - when fully activated - lead you into a natural state of ecstatic bliss.








Breath is Life.
How we breathe, is key to discover and remove fears and blockages.


Hands-on or Distant Healing

✧ Essential Reiki Level II
✧ Deeksha Transmissions
✧ Egyptian Light H
✧ Past Life Regression + Healing

✧ Deep Tissue + Tantric Massage
✧ Body De-Armoring
✧ Sacred Spot : Trauma-Release & ecstatic awakening in sensitive areas

Forgiveness Rituals
for Groups and Individuals

Forgiveness is knowing that there is nothing to forgive. It is letting go of hardness, armor, fears and patters... making space inside ourselves for Love, Joy & Freedom. It is about actualizing yourself,
liberating trapped energy inside.

allowing 'the other' to step out of the past and be their best version of Self.



Sacred Medicines

As a useful addition to your 'toolkit' and home remedies, we offer a variety of herbal medicines, tinctures, smudges, incense. At the moment, these are not online in a shop format, so just contact us.

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