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Come & join us ... as we're fusing the magic of Love, Music & Movement,
Plant Medicines, ancient Crystals, Sound & Sacred Geometry:
OASIS Temple LOGO_rect.frame_transparent.png
P  N  T  N  A  
E  C  A  N  N   
N  I   R  E  C
I  E  G  R  T
N  N  A M U
G  T  T  O A

         E  S  R
         S  T  Y      
  O. A. S. I. S.   T E M P L E   R E T R E A T S
 Welcome to ✧ O.A.S.I.S. TEMPLE ✧ a Paradise in Andalucia

A beautiful large house has been transformed into a Temple for the Gathering of Souls. It offers plenty of space to dance, to circle, receive healing or to rest, to gather, celebrate ... or retreat in silence in the remote valley, while enjoying the stunning views of wild mountains in front of you, Birds flying above, the fresh water creek nearby ...

Sacred Waters - Raindance.jpg
Viodor raindance.jpg

Check out our upcoming Events & Ceremonies :

O.A.S.I.S. Temple ~ Welcome + Introduction
Reproducir video

O.A.S.I.S. Temple Community

Experience the magic of our  new Community  ~ a big Dream just being born !
Nested on the edge of the Sierra Nevada National Park, combining the wilderness of a steep, untouched valley, with lush and green land
, lots of water and a tropical garden, the O.A.S.I.S. land is capable of holding and sustaining a small tribe of dedicated Guardians of the Earth, and there is still space for some members and children to join.


>> Join our online community <<
[for now on
Facebook, but we will migrate ]

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Maybe you'd like to be part of our tribe ? Contact us if you feel the calling.

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