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Reminder: RAINDANCE tomorrow !

KA & Sariela

Mar 21, 2023

RAINDANCE tomorrow !

💦💦 RAIN DANCE 🌬💨⛈☔️ Ceremony 2023🌧

22-03-2023 - TOMORROW ! 🥁🌍🔥💫💧💙✨

Wolrd Water Day + EQUINOXE window

💧 17:00 h

🕺If you want to learn the native american Raindance 👣 ... to join the choreography it's best you come @ 16:00


🧜‍♀️ Calling the Waters Songs ✨Native Américan Rain Dance 🌈 Water Blessing 🐬✨ 🥁 Prayers with the Drums Mother Earth Healing Circle 🌎 Unity💗

Dear friends and Family of the Alpujarra !

We all know, and can feel, how thirsty the Earth is. Here in the Alpujarra it hasn't rained much this winter, far not enough. We had a "few drops on hot stones", and many times rain was forecasted but didn't come down. Mainly due to chemtrails / geoengineering. (👉watch)

The streams are low, the springs are weak, there's not much snow on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada, which should have been white all through winter. Right now, in the end of winter, the majestic river Guadalfeo is just a tiny creek, like in Summer.

If we don't get a lot of water soon, we'll see a very dry summer, with many dangerous wildfires.

We need rain. All of us, all of the Earth here, all the trees, plants and creatures.

And so it is time to step forward and make it happen:

To dance with the elements,

🌬 to speak with the wind,

💧 to call forth the water,

🌧 and to pray to the clouds to compress and open their gates.

It is time to stomp our feet on the ground,

call forth the spirits and guardians with our drums,

our rattles and shakers,

raise our voices together,


with the majestic radiance of our Hearts ✨💖✨

🌎 We invite you all to join us for a magical Raindance on 22-03-2023, on the "Crocodile terrace" next to the river, where we will drum and sing, dance and pray together. Come and make an impact with us, we need you ! Every heart increases the forces on the causal planes, which we create together.

🙏 Bring ALL your drums, rattles, shakers and bells,

rainmakers and wind instruments, Flutes and Guitars,

magical feathers, crystals and children to dance with us....

... and - for the fun of it - you can take your boots, some umbrellas and water guns with you ! 😉

(And if you really can't come, give your instruments to someone to bring them.)


🌊 Again, please bring water from different springs, creeks, rivers, lakes, sea and the Ocean... for the Water Blessing.

🌿ALSO bring a small twig from your trees or some land nearby where you would like to bring the rain. This time, we'll do another kind of magic ✨😉


✨celestial Blessings✨

KA, Sariela, Isa, Wilco & Tribe

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